Machine Learning DevCon


You are invited to participate in the 2018 Machine Learning and AI DevCon.

In a very short time, Machine Learning and AI has gone from a theoretical study to (almost) mainstream commercial reality. Much of this growth in machine learning and artificial intelligence can be attributed to the Internet of Things which is creating mega-myriads of data that must be processed in a variety of ways.

The Machine Learning & AI DevCon will explore the hardware and software challenges of building up and debugging the complex machine learning and artificial intelligence systems in applications such as such as medical devices, robots, drones, point-of-sale equipment, and industrial automation and others.

Topics will include:

  • Machine learning and AI algorithms
  • Machine learning and AI hardware – processors and systems
  • Applying ML and AI in automotive, industrial, medical, and other applications
  • Introduction to ML and AI
  • The future of what Machine Learning and AI and Augmented Reality will bring

Deadline for submissions - JUST EXTENDED to April 6, 2018 !
Notification of acceptance - April 20 - 30, 2018

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